Asking the big questions starts right here.

Beaver Scouts are members of the Scout family made up of girls and boys aged 6 to 8. Easily recognised by their bright turquoise jumpers, they give it a go trying new skills, having fun and making new friends.

Young people can join Beavers in the three months leading up to their sixth birthday. They can move up to the next section, Cub Scouts, around their eighth birthday.

What do Beavers in Hampshire get up to?

No two weeks are the same. Making and building, visiting new places and meeting new people, playing games or getting into the great outdoors.

During their time in Beavers, our young people help give something back to their community, spend time with other scouts and spend some time sleeping away from home for the first time.

Every year the Beavers get together from across Hampshire for some big events. From hosting big teddy bear picnics to taking over Paulton’s Park and the 4 Kingdoms theme park, we love to get together and have fun!

Putting the pieces together.

Led by a team of volunteer leaders, there are Beaver Scout colonies all over Hampshire. We’re probably meeting not that far from you.

As well as making and living by their promise, Beavers often work towards badges and awards. Sometimes these are activity badges focusing on a particular skill. Or really prove themselves with one of the six challenge awards. Chances are Beavers will complete a number of these before they move on with lots every year collecting them all and achieving the Chief Scout’s Bronze Award, the Top Award for Beavers!

Pulse-raising, go-getting fun starts right here.

Already a leader or parent with Beaver Scouts in Hampshire? Visit our Beaver Scouts site to see our upcoming events and opportunities!

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