Going for it, with a plan B (and C) up their sleeve.

Explorer Scouts are the penultimate section for young people aged 14 to 18 years old. Explorers create their own programme, choosing their activities and are prepared for their future, wherever it may take them.

Young people can become an Explorer Scout shortly before 14 years old. Some join from Scouts, but anyone can join from any background. At age 18 years old, Explorer Scouts move on to their next adventure. They can learn new skills as part of Scout Network, join one of the many Scout Active Support units or give back as an adult volunteer.

What do Explorers in Hampshire get up to?

Where do we start? From trying new things like walking in the mountains to camping in other countries. Exploring new places and making their way in life. They know their community and what small steps they can do to make it better. All the while, they speak their minds, argue their point, join the team and lead the way. All while they build the skills for that application, interview and life in general.

Our Explorer Scouts from all across Hampshire are a friendly lot and come together for large events and challenges throughout the year. From the Kudu night hike to taking part in a day and night of non-stop activities at Gilwell 24, there is lots on offer.

Many of our Explorer Scouts give back and act as guiding lights to our younger Scouts as a Young Leader. Through training and missions to help them meet the challenges, they develop their own skills while also teaching our young people skills for life.

Reaching the top and making it happen.

As an Explorer, our young people aim high for one of our Top Awards during their time with us. From completing challenges in a new country to earn the Explorer Belt to becoming the best version of themselves as they work to gain their Chief Scout's Platinum, Chief Scout's Diamond and Queen’s Scout Awards. Many also take part in the Duke of Edinburgh’s award along the way.

Plus, with over 40 activity badges, becoming an expert in a skill is close at hand. All of this is possible in our Explorer Scout units across Hampshire thanks to the encouragement and support of our adult volunteers. Find out how you can inspire by volunteering today.

Already a leader, member or parent with Explorer Scouts in Hampshire? Visit our Explorer Scouts site to see our upcoming events and opportunities!

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