Ignoring the butterflies and going for it.

Two cubs jump into a body of water.

Cub Scouts is where the action begins and is for girls and boys aged 8 to 10 years old. With activities like camping, fire lighting, exploring, and making new friends, they’re an active lot.

Young people can become a Cub Scout shortly before their eighth birthday and move up to Scouts at around 10½ years old. Some Cubs move up from Beavers, but you don’t need to have been a Beavers to enjoy Cubs.

What do Cubs in Hampshire get up to?

Cub Scouts have a wide variety of activities to offer. Maybe it’s sleeping under the stars on a summer camp, making a den or a hike in the local wood. Just because they can’t hike to the four corners of the Earth, doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy their own adventures.

When they’re not busy in the outdoors, Cubs learn new skills to serve them well for the future. Maybe it’s learning to cook or save a life or even speaking up with confidence – all help to prepare our young people for whatever life brings them. Cubs also learn about the world around them, from the local to the global and making a difference.

Putting the pieces together.

We have Cub packs in every town in Hampshire and many more besides, so you’ll never be far from us. It couldn’t happen every week without our lovely volunteer leaders, helping teach new skills for life.

As well as making and living by their promise, Cubs often work towards badges and awards. Sometimes these are activity badges focusing on a particular skill or they might be one of the seven challenge awards to prove themselves. The target is the Chief Scout’s Silver Award, the Top Award for Cubs, gained when they complete the challenge awards.

Together, our Cubs stand up, shout out and have fun.

Already a leader or parent with Cubs Scouts in Hampshire? Visit our Cub Scouts site to see our upcoming events and opportunities!

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