Take a deep breath and find your own path. You’re ready for this.

A Scout Network member ice climbing with Hampshire Scouts eXpeditions.

Scout Network is the final section for young people aged 18 to 25. In Scout Network, you call the shots; you decide what to do and create the change you want to see.

Young people can join the Scout Network at age 18. Some have been a Scout before and move up from Explorers while others join for the first time. On their 25th birthday, most members move on to new challenges in Scouts such as joining one of the many Scout Active Support units or giving back as an adult volunteer.

What do Scout Network get up to?

No two Scout Networks are the same, and there are plenty across Hampshire to get involved with. It is them that call the shots and decide what to do, from long term projects to one-off events. By building a team, trying new things and seeking out the challenges, the rewards are big.

Scout Network mixes socials and skills, international exploits and everyday adventure, changing our community and chilling with your friends. There are lots of events to get involved with from the local to national and international scales. Get in touch with us today to find your local Network and what they’re getting up to.

Reaching the top and making it happen.

Scout Network members have until they’re 25 to work towards the Top Awards. Become an active member of our communities with the Chief Scouts Diamond and Queen’s Scout Awards, linked to the Duke of Edinburgh’s award. Look further afield and complete some challenges abroad to earn the Explorer Belt or tackle global issues with the Scouts of the World Award.

Already a leader or member with Scout Network in Hampshire? Visit our Scout Network site to see our upcoming events and opportunities!

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