Bramshill Scouts learn about where our supermarket food comes from during Fairtrade Fortnight

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We made a promise to make a difference and for a group of Scouts from Camberley, they took this seriously.

Around the world, farmers work to produce the food needed but not always for a fair price.Rather than accept this, these Scouts decided to find out what they could do about it.With Fairtrade Fortnight starting on the 24th February, the Scouts were looking forward to an annual Fairtrade cooking competition.But what exactly is Fairtrade food? Why should they choose it?What is available as Fairtrade? A quick internet search later they had some answers but weren’t going to leave it there.

Fast forward and the 8th Bramshill could be found at two supermarkets, grilling their managers on what they were doing to help.After all, everyone knows about Fairtrade coffee, chocolate, tea, rice and bananas but not much else.Thinking big in Tesco Camberley were half the group, taking duty manager James to task on what they were doing to be more ethical.Even though they stocked fewer fairtrade products than some other supermarkets, James reassured them that they also take part in initiatives with Pampers, Nestle, the Rainforest Alliance and Care Girls Education to make sure they made a difference.

Meanwhile the other half the group were in Sainsbury’s getting the tour from manager Marc.There was lots to be discovered from fully Fairtrade bananas in the fruit aisle to Fairtrade beers, wines and spirits with staff helpfully pointing out which items were better for the farmers.

But what happened to the farmers when the Fairtrade products are put of offer: surely they get less for them?Marc was quick to answer: the farmers get the full price, Sainsbury’s make up the difference.Asking the big questions, putting yourself out there and making a difference, quite some big skills for life gained right there.

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