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This year’s Scouts Speak Up took place at Lyons Copse, and hosted young people with a passion for learning about media and meeting new people involved with Scouting.

To help practice their skills, we asked one of the participants about the event. Here's what they said.

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We learned all about how to present ourselves in media and how to respond to interviewers’ questions as well as getting a chance to interview each other along the way! There were a variety activities provided helping us to gain our confidence in front of a camera and taught us all about the scout brand and how to promote it in an effective way. 

Throughout the 2-day camp we got to meet scouts from across the county and come together to make our own TikTok. We spent the evening singing round the campfire and the daytime learning about the scouts in media, playing lots of games. And all we had to do was show up for free and bring some enthusiasm to the table.

Speaking in front of a camera can be very daunting and scary at first, however in an open space with like-minded people we all gained confidence in responding to asking questions, responding to questions, and appearing on camera.

Tash, a 17 year-old Explorer Scout from Blackwater Valley, said:

“Speak Up is such a great opportunity for young people to gain new skills.

I’ve learnt new techniques about working in the media as well as gaining confidence in aspects such as camera interviews.

I would highly recommend going to speak up as the skills you get to develop there are for life.”

A big thank you to the many volunteers, some of which were young people who previously attended, who had given up their time to help and support this year’s young people in gaining confidence developing skills for life.

Steven, the lead for the event, said:

"It's always such a fun event with so many young people coming along and both enjoying a relaxed event and learning key skills for life as a result. When we see young people coming back to next year's event to teach others, it closes the circle and perfects their own skills.

We know our young people have the best adventures in Scouts and this event encourages them to tell others about them so we can encourage more young people and adult volunteers to join the movement. They're even writing this article now!

The Hampshire Scouts Media and Communications team will run the next Scouts Speak Up at Ferny Crofts Scout Activity Centre on 7th-8th February 2025. In the meantime, Scout troops and Explorer Scout Units can invite the team in to deliver sessions on the activity badges for the sections covering Media and PR.

You can volunteer with the Scouts at

Text: Libby Roy, Young Leader and Hampshire Explorer Ambassador.

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