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Updated 08/04/2021

The Coronavirus Response Programme is now live

The Hampshire Scouts Coronavirus Response Programme is designed to support Scout Groups and Explorer Units to overcome any financial impact they’ve seen as a result of COVID-19, and applications are open now on our member's site.
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Before reading the information below, please ensure you're up to date with the guidance available at and

In Hampshire, we're doing all we can to support local Districts and Groups during this time, by providing access to systems and resources from across the County Team. Check this page regularly, as it is being continuously updated with new information.

The most recent update on 08/04/21 was to add details of the alterations to the Amber readiness level from 12th April.
Readiness Levels and Future Changes
Future changes anticipated
On Monday 5th April, the UK Government confirmed the country was moving to step 2 of the roadmap out of lockdown. The National Youth Agency (NYA) have also confirmed we can progress with the next step in our plans.

On 12th April, the Amber readiness level will be adapted to allow for more flexibility. In particular:

- Sections will be able to meet indoors. For Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers, the size limit remains as one section with flexibility for smaller sections to meet together. For Scout Network, the maximum limit is 15 when meeting indoors. We recommend meeting outside wherever possible as it reduces the risk of transmission enormously. Social distancing would still be needed to consider how many young people your meeting place can accommodate.

- Outdoor adult activities are now allowed. This should be in line with current government guidance

- Trips and Visits are now allowed. These should only be done where you cannot stay local to achieve the outcomes of the activity. The activity must be completed in a day as residential activities remain prohibited. International trips will not be allowed until 2022. Details in the Programme tab.

The Hampshire Scouts Programme team have published a guide to get back to face to face Scouting - check it out here

Please continue to follow all COVID-19 restrictions while meeting with your group. If you’ve had an Amber risk assessment approved by your District, this will still be valid – but we’d encourage you to review your risk assessment before meeting again. If your Amber risk assessment hasn’t been approved yet, we’d recommend you complete one as soon as possible, detailing risks for both indoor and outdoor activities. Don’t forget that before meeting face-to-face, all adults will have to have their mandatory safety and safeguarding up to date.

Scout Readiness Levels
Devised by the Scouts and the National Youth Agency, the Readiness Levels are an easy way for the Scouts to interpret the Government guidance and restrictions to allow us to understand what is allowed at a certain point in time. Full details about the different levels, what activities are permitted at each and support for resuming face to face activities can be found in the Getting Back Together Safely pages on the Scout website.
Hampshire Scouts' latest summary of activities for Zoom can be found on our members site here. We also suggest you check your section websites for updates as well.

Returning to face-to-face Scouting
The Programme Team have produced a booklet to help leaders get back to face-to-face Scouting, counting down the steps to help you get back to normal. It can be found on our members site here.

Socially distanced Scouting
Looking for specific activities that can be done face-to-face? Then there are some socially distanced activities for every section on the Scout website which are being added to constantly. The links to the section pages can be found on the Scouts' website here.

Virtual Scouting - ideas
The Scouts have developed 'The Great Indoors', which features (quite literally) hundreds of activities for you to try at home and is constantly growing. Take a look at There is also a new and expanding list of virtual activities available on the Scout website here.

The Basingstoke East team have developed 'Scouting at Home', an online tool which enables young people to continue completing badges at home. Groups from across the UK are welcome to sign up - more information can be found here.

Virtual Scouting - press play and go
Need some activities that you can just run with? These video based activities are great to share to a zoom meeting or with your young people direct. There are some from HQ called Press Play and Go and there are some at 1st Digital Scouts.

There will be no international Scout trips before 1 January 2022. We know this is hugely disappointing news and that it will cause a number of challenges for those organising trips (and those looking forward to going away). The Scouts are aware that the Government is set to review international travel in May, but they expect the guidance to focus around family travel (rather than group travel) and Scouts would still be limited by restrictions in other countries.

The decision has been made now to help with funding and insurance, and to allow leaders to deliver a clear message to young people and their parents and carers. The Scouts consulted with Counties, Areas and Regions to find out about the impact of this decision, and the overall feedback is that leaders would appreciate clarity sooner rather than later. If you have any trips booked for 2021, you can read a Unity blog to understand how you can claim for your trip or reschedule.
Microsoft Teams and Zoom
Office 365 and Microsoft Teams
We have created Office 365 Accounts for each District Commissioner and Chair which have access to Microsoft Teams, which enable you to host meetings and webinars remotely. 

Locally, we would suggest implementing Office 365 or G Suite for your District (if this has not been done already), which both have free plans for qualifying charities. More information can be found on the Microsoft and Google websites.

If you need support, email [email protected] 
You can login at

Zoom Pro
Zoom Pro is now available to every Group, District and County. View the HQ guidance and signup (if you're a District Commissioner or GSL) here. This has recently been extended until April 2021.

If you're a Hampshire Scouts volunteer, you may request a meeting on our Zoom page.

Virtual backgrounds
Hampshire Scouts have created some virtual backgrounds that you can use behind you in meetings. They can be found on our Hampshire Brand Centre here

Systems Support
For assistance with County Systems such as Office 365, please contact [email protected]
There are lots of places with advice for charities at this time:
• The NCVO has published some useful guidance on their website.
• Advice on for the Charity sector including meeting and annual return guidance. It can be found on the website here.
• Charity Commission guidance for those that need an extension to their annual return deadline on here.

Virtual meetings
In April 2020, the Scouts made an amendment to the standard group constitution in POR  (Groups 3.23; Districts 4.25; County 5.16) that allowed remote meetings and for voting by email if 75% of committee members approve the decision. Members have access to Office 365 and Zoom Pro to enable this, see the section about this on this page.

Annual General Meetings
Advice from the Charity Commission on this states that "If you feel that in the best interests of your charity and to follow the governments public health guidance it is necessary to cancel or postpone your charity’s AGM (or any other key meeting) that will be fine. You should record the decision you have made to show good governance."

As long as you as a trustee body are satisfied that the decision to not go ahead is in the best interests of the trustees, membership and beneficiaries the Commission will support you in this. More information can be found here.
County Office
The County Office team are operating differently to usual so if you attempt to contact us via phone, your call may not be answered. We are monitoring emails during this time so please contact us via email at [email protected].
Ferny Crofts Scout Activity Centre
The latest updates from Ferny Crofts, along with their contact details can be found on their website at

It includes information on those who have past bookings postponed and the options available and the range of activities on offer to members and those outside of Scouts.

This update is dated 12th January 2021.

Ferny Crofts is currently closed to all guests, and we are working hard to ensure we can safely re-open to maximum permitted levels as soon as possible. We are looking forward to welcoming you back to our site as we move through the steps of the Government's Roadmap to Reopening.

Currently we plan to re-open to Scout Groups with approved risk assessments at 'AMBER' Readiness Level from the 29th March 2021, and are taking bookings now for permitted activities at this level.

We are also opening on a limited scale for Scout Leaders and their families as individual households only, to join us for a camping holiday, from 12th April onwards.

We have carried out a great deal of research and detailed risk assessments regarding reopening, and are constantly adjusting our new processes and procedures according to latest Government and Public Health England guidance, along with industry best practice.

This means that we are confident that we can welcome groups back to Ferny Crofts whilst keeping everyone safe and controlling the spread of Coronavirus.
All events organised by Hampshire Scouts and locally should be under constant review; as soon as decisions have been made, they will be listed here.

The following International events have been cancelled or postponed:
World Scout Moot - Postponed to July 2022
• European Scout Jamboree - Cancelled.

The following Hampshire events have been cancelled or postponed:
• Suisse Adventure - Postponed to August 2022.
• Hampshire Beaver Scouts County Camp - Cancelled for 2021.
• Hampshire Beaver Scouts visit 4 Kingdoms - Postponed to later in 2021, date TBC.
• Hampshire Scouts Conference
• HSX Lake District Expedition
• Service of Remembrance
• Hampshire Scouts Annual Review & AGM
• Hampshire Scouts Youth Council
• Local Youth Commissioner Dinner
• Hampshire Scouts Inclusion Conference
• Hampshire Scouts Leaders Rally
• Chameleon Camp

If you are attending an event organised by Hampshire Scouts that does not appear here, please contact the organisers.
Training courses
Hampshire Scouts have had to cancel all face-to-face training modules until further notice however we are running training modules through Zoom which members can join. Full details on when modules are being held can be found on this page along with booking forms.

For 2021, Hampshire Scouts are running a range of training modules through Zoom until April with dates provided for face-to-face training courses which are dependant on restrictions in place at the time.

Mandatory Ongoing Learning
These are the modules our volunteers complete to ensure everyone is up to date with safety and safeguarding matters. These now need to be done every 3 years in line with First Aid.

For those whose safety and safeguarding training had not expired but were in the fourth or fifth year, your Compass record should have been updated to an expiry date of 30 September 2021.

You can find the new training on the Scout website.

First Aid
Full details on how First Aid is being run by Hampshire Scouts during the coronavirus pandemic can be found on our training site here.

Changes to training modules 
As part of the September POR update, some training modules have been ended and others introduced and the training that is needed by some roles has been updated.

The Getting started modules now consist of Module 1: Essential Information, Safety, Safeguarding and GDPR, all of which have been re-launched, can be completed online and are validated through a certificate given to a TA or line manager. There is also a new Trustee information module. Some roles still need to complete Module 2 (Personal Learning Plan), Module 3 (Tools for the Role, Section Leaders) or Module 4 (Tools for the Role, Managers) as before.

Full details of the changes can be found on the Scouts website in the learning development and awards section as well as sign up to a 1 October webinar.
DBS Checks and Appointment Panels
DBS Checks
Guidance on how the process of checking disclosures is affected and how to operate it digitally, see the advice on the Scouts website. In line with POR, members without a disclosure will be automatically suspended.

Appointment Advisory Committee Panels
To support Appointments Committee and Panel meetings to take place virtually, District Commissioners and Chairs have been provided access to Microsoft Teams as well as the Zoom Pro in use by Scouts HQ. There is advice on some of the recent changes available on the Scout website here including a webinar on the subject.

Amber Readiness Level

Section meetings can take place outdoors only with size limited to one section only. This includes non-social Scout Network activities. Changes are expected from 12/04/21.

For adult activities with no young people present, the rule of six applies. Small sections may join with one other section if it is not viable to run alone. The number of adults present to support Scouting should be limited to what is necessary.
Scout Readiness Levels


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