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Scouts from Fareham have been pushing themselves to try new things and learn new skills.

Every Monday they meet in an old Napoleonic hall in the centre of Fareham, but for these two Scouts, part of the 2nd Fareham (Holy Trinity) Sea Scout Group, they’ve been doing things that are new, bold and daring. But overall, very good fun.

Sasha and Lucy, two Scouts from Fareham
Sasha and Lucy, two Scouts from Fareham.

Lucy is a 11 year old Scout and she has scaled new heights by tackling a high ropes course.

“It was a massive tower with four different levels and we had to try and climb all the way to the top. I had to put a lot of trust in my teammates so that once we got to the top and even when I had to dance, I wouldn’t fall!

"I hate heights because I’m terrified I might fall, but I pushed myself anyway as it felt like a once in a lifetime thing.”

Looking back how did she feel?

“I’m so glad I did it, especially jumping down! I'd definitely do it again!

Sasha is another 11 year old Scout and whizzing through the trees was her new challenge.

“It was fun but also terrifying. Having to jump off having climbed all that way up was pretty scary. I had to trust myself and persevere and in the end it was so fun! I’d definitely do it again and I’m glad I did it and pushed myself. I ended up doing it three more times!”

Being part of the Scouts builds your confidence and gives our young people new chances to push themselves. But, as they tell me, it couldn’t happen without the leaders.

Sasha says "They set up everything, it couldn’t happen without them and I’m grateful that they do it for us." Lucy says "They do it completely voluntarily, giving their time so we can have fun and enjoy our time at Scouts."

Scouts couldn’t happen without amazing volunteers. You can start your volunteer journey at scouts.org.uk/volunteer.

Lucy and Sasha were speaking to Steven Osborn, Media and Communications volunteer, while achieving their Media Relations and Marketing activity badge. Hampshire Scouts' Media and Communications team will support Scouts and Explorer Scouts achieve these badges. Email [email protected] to learn more.

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