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Another Hampshire community now has Scouting for 4-6 year olds, thanks to the help from one of Hampshire Scout's Growth and Development Officers.

Squirrel Scouts, designed and open for young people aged 4 to 6 years of age, is the latest branch of the Scouts family tree and helps bring Scouting to new audiences and a generation of children affected by the Covid pandemic.

Launching new Scouting groups, and recruiting new adults for existing ones, is an ongoing challenge for adult volunteers across the county. Nationally, youth members have returned in their droves from a dip in numbers in 2020 but numbers of adult volunteers have barely changed. Waiting lists have grown as keen young people aren't able to connect with nature because of a shortage of adult volunteers.

Every volunteer has a part to play, but sometimes you need a spark to start a conversation with an interested parent or someone who is able to run activities for a trial period while the supporting team find their feet. Enter Hampshire Scout's team of five Growth and Development officers.

Chris Nightingale joined the team only a year ago, but his latest success has seen him support the 1st Denmead group, near Waterlooville, to open their first Squirrel Drey. On 12th March, the Drey celebrated with 16 Squirrels and 4 leaders taking their promise and becoming full members of the worldwide family of Scouts.

If you need help recruiting or want to see similar success in your group, then contact the G&D team [email protected] plus you can meet the team on our website.

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