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I'm on a mission to inspire millions of young people - that's the message of Hampshire Scouts ambassador James Ketchell.

The world-record holder, who covered 24,000 nautical miles over the last 175 days, says the Scouts has instilled the confidence and belief he needed to complete his mission.

James said: "I've met a lot of amazing people around the world. My flight has really confirmed that 99 per cent of people are kind and generous. I will be paying forward favours for the rest of my life, I really will."

Thank you to the 8th Bramshill, Four Marks, and James' local Scout Group, Hatch Warren, for being there to welcome our role model home.

James added: "The whole mission wasn't really about me, it's all about trying to get young people to believe that they too can do cool things or anything they want to set their mind on.

"Scouting has really instilled the confidence in me and given me the belief that I can go out there and do things I desire. I spent a lot of time in the scouts when I was young and I would say it has really shaped who I am today."

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