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Sir David Attenborough has backed a Hampshire Scouts quest to top the Christmas charts.

Eight-year-old Cub Scout Frankie Morland, of the 29th Odiham (Pondtail) Scout Group, has written his own single World in Danger.

The song addresses Frankie's concerns about the world of tomorrow and is aimed at raising awareness of the climate disaster the world is facing.

Speaking on ITV's This Morning, Frankie said his interest in climate change began when he read a book about endangered animals at a very young age.

He said: "The words for the song kind of feel out because I'm not normally a person that thinks them and then sings them, I just sing any random word that fits."

Frankie's dad Charlie contacted a record label and they received a response within 24 hours.

Sharing the song with Sir David Attenborough, Frankie received a response from the broadcaster saying: "We try not to use our car so much. We try to not use so much plastic.”

You can listen to World in Danger and watch the video here:

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