Hampshire Scouts set off to Switzerland for Summer of Adventure

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Over 120 Scouts from across Hampshire are setting off for the biggest adventure of their lives as part of an expedition to Switzerland.

Delayed several summers, Suisse Adventure is back for a fortnight of activities at Kandersteg International Scout Centre where our young people will mingle with 7,000 Scouts from across the world. Over sixteen days, our Scouts are broadening their horizons, immersing themselves in a foreign culture and building empathy with others and our planet.

It's one of the first international trips since the pandemic began for Hampshire Scouts and organising the trip has involved a great deal of effort to get us this far. It's been months in the making and can only happen thanks to over 40 volunteers covering everything from First Aid to activity leaders, communication to cooks.

Our Explorer Scouts and Scout Network each have a personalised timetable of activities including hiking up some of the mountains in the Alps, white water rafting, rock climbing, paragliding, mountain biking and day trips to all the sights of Switzerland. Throughout they'll build their confidence, forge their own path and gain skills for life.

Scouts from across the UK have been offering their words of support and wisdom for all those taking part. Lewis Dangerfield, the Scouts volunteer lead for the Scout programme, said "Embrace all the opportunities that get thrown at you to meet other Scouts from round the world! I’ve fond memories at Kandersteg of gate crashing dinner with other groups and learning so much about their cultures. Some truly epic trips!"

We'll be sharing lots of updates on the adventure as it unfolds. But in the meantime, one final word of wisdom from Lewis: "Experience the wood fire sauna and a cold plunge in the fountains if you can!"

Words by Steven Osborn and Jade Abrook.

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