Hate him? No! Hampshire Scouts love Marmite the Duck.

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Our Scouts are used to getting into the great outdoors and having adventures so moving to online sessions has been a learning curve for many of us.

However there are some advantages including meeting larger than life characters that you wouldn't get to otherwise. And one of these is Marmite the Duck.

Marmite, a seven year old runner duck who is owned by Sara Sullivan a volunteer with Hampshire Scouts in Hospitals, has joined in with 13 Zoom meetings to date from across the county. From Cub packs to hospital patients, the reaction so far has been astonishing.

During the 40 minute sessions the Scouts learn about ducks, looking after them and what they eat. Thanks to recent campaigns, lots knew that bread wasn't good for Marmite and her friend Coffee but a number of the Scouts were surprised to learn they do eat slugs and snails. Oh and only female ducks quack.

The sessions have been a big hit, especially with our younger Scouts. During one Beaver Scout session with our six and seven year old Scouts, one group were so enthusiastic they went and did their own research to answer their own questions - apparently runner ducks can run at 8.2 miles per hour!

And for the patients at Southampton Children's Hospital, Marmite was loved so much she has been invited back in for a visit in person once normal visits resume.

Well done to Sara for bringing people together!

Sara is a volunteer with Hampshire Scouts in Hospitals. You can find out about their work and get involved here.

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