'I didn't do it for me, I did it for everyone else.' What it takes to get to the South Pole.

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The idea of skiing to the South Pole is so alien to us we can't easily imagine what it takes to do it. Yet that is exactly what one Hampshire Scout completed last year.

Last week, Scout adventurer and Hampshire Scouts ambassador Joe Doherty recounted his adventure as part of a webinar shared with our Scouts.

From convincing others that he could do it, fundraising along the way as well as preparing and training for the epic expedition it was quite the journey just to get to the starting line.

With an ambitious plan to ski to the South Pole and kite ski back it was a trek that extended Joe to the limits of his endurance both physically and mentally.

In the 40 minute webinar, now available on YouTube for all to see, Joe reflected on the key message he took away from it all:

The whole point of the expedition was that, even though having gone through a tough time during and after the expedition, I still retain that phrase that Dave said to me at the start which is "I didn't do this expedition to become famous or become popular. I didn't do it for me, I did it for everybody else" to show to young people, adults, anybody that if you can put your mind to something and really try you can do anything and you really can do things even when it's up against you.

Joe Doherty

As well as watching his webinar, Joe is also giving talks to young people directly both in person before March and currently through virtual platforms. If you're a leader and want to ask Joe to speak to your sections or district about his Antarctic adventure, then you can email him at [email protected].

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