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Scout Network member James Phillips-Stafford has achieved the rare feat of completing the three top Scout Network awards: his Queen's Scout Award, Explorer Belt and Scouts of the World Award.

He crossed the finishing line of the awards by concluding his Scouts of the World Award project, a Scout Network exclusive award that focuses on a minimum of 80 hours of community service linked to themes such as the environment, peace or sustainability.

For his project, James chose to build on the idea of the eco-brick, packing a plastic bottle or other container with waste single use plastics and using the whole thing as a building brick. After pulling in other local Scouts from across Hampshire, together they built these multi-coloured bottles ready to use for the final project at the home of Hampshire Scouts, Ferny Crofts.

From foundations up, James worked with others to build a new planter for the Ferny Crofts quiet area so scouts of all ages can take time and reflect during busy camps.

He completed his award presentation at the Hampshire Scout-run discovery weekend in October 2023 and was presented his award in January by Peter Knott, lead volunteer for Programme in Hampshire Scouts.

Earning all my top awards I think is a huge achievement. I wanted to aim high in Scouts and help others gain their awards too. By achieving all of them myself, it really helps me to do this.

I may be the first male scout in Hampshire to achieve the Scouts of the World Award but it is still a huge honour. I hope that I've become an inspiration for future generations to strive and achieve the award.

James Phillips-Stafford
James (l) achieving his Scouts of the World Award from Peter Knott (r), lead volunteer for programme at Hampshire Scouts

Chloe, lead volunteer for Scout Network in Hampshire, helps young people achieve the Scout of the World Award, among many others, and acted as James' mentor for the project She said:

Watching James from the start, not knowing which idea to choose and follow, to today when the project is complete was very rewarding. To achieve the award is amazing and something that every young person in Network should try and achieve.

Chloe Foster

You can find out more about the award, and how to achieve it on scouts.org.uk.

Text: Steven Osborn. Photos: Louis Soccard and Chloe Foster.

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