Recognising brilliance with our Hampshire Key Heroes.

July 30, 2020
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There are hundreds of volunteers across Hampshire who help make a great Scout programme happen each week. But a number of our volunteers took on roles of extra significance during the Coronavirus pandemic.

To celebrate our volunteers who were key workers in their day jobs, the Hampshire Scouts programme team devised the Hampshire Key Heroes award.

Volunteers from across Hampshire could nominate their fellow leaders who made a difference as a key worker and they would receive their own certificate. Many took pictures of their day jobs to share with their scouts and celebrate the role they play.

The scheme was co-ordinated by Daniel Cooper, an elected youth member of the programme team meaning that this great award was shaped by young people in partnership with adults.

In total, the team recognised the contribution of 235 volunteers. Martin Mackey, our lead volunteer the County Commissioner,said about the project:

On behalf of us all, may I say a big thank you to everyone who has been involved in this fantastic project. To have so many people recognised in Hampshire Scouts in this is amazing.

I know these things take time and effort to organise and run, but they also take awesome leadership and teamwork which has been shown in abundance by Daniel and the team. Thank you and well done.

Martin Mackey, County Commissioner.

Paul Bell, the chair of Hampshire Scouts' trustee board said:

Well done and many thanks to Daniel for coordinating this, he has achieved a great deal with this initiative. I have been very impressed with the attitude and professionalism that you all display. You are a credit to the County and I am glad to be working with you.

Paul Bell, County Chair.

The full roll of honour and pictures of many of the award holders can be found online.

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