Scouts from Hampshire do their duty at King Charles' Coronation

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As Scouts we took a promise to help others and do our duty to the King. Scouts have a very long history of supporting big public occasions including Coronations and we're honoured that a number of Scouts from Hampshire can continue that tradition.

Supporting any big event is a mammoth task involving hundreds of volunteers from across the country. It's such a mammoth operation that an entire camp has been set up at the home of Scouts, Gilwell Park in Essex, nicknamed Coronation Camp to house and feed everybody.

Our Hampshire team are a mix of Scout Network members, Youth Commissioners, Queen's Scouts and those who support our young people. They're all playing their part and come from every corner of the county.

For some of our volunteers, logistics and keeping things running smoothly are the name of the game. As part of the newly christened King's Scout Working Party, they've been getting stuck in with running the camp and making sure all the team are looked after and supported.

For others it's been early starts, supporting the crowds in the very British weather and making sure the public are safe and having a great time. Plus meeting other Scouts from across the UK and the Commonwealth, sharing that common bond of duty.

Thankfully Scouts is great fun for our volunteers too. So even those who have had the longest days supporting the Coronation in London have got downtime and a chance to try some activities too.

You can find out more about volunteering and give it a go on the Scouts website.

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