Stubbington Scout Leader Supports Hamble River Rescue

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Scout leader Craig Hollands from Fareham West used his Scouting skills to jump to the rescue of a woman crying out for help in the River Hamble last night.

Craig, an assistant scout leader at 1st Stubbington, was one of two kayakers who attempted a late-night rescue after coming across the woman who had been out walking her dog when it ran after a deer.

Craig said to the Daily Echo: "I heard this cry of 'help' and looked over to see a flashing light.

"The woman was out walking her dog and was stuck in the mud. The tide was rising as well so our first call was to the coastguard if we couldn't help free her quickly.

"The water was freezing and so was the mud. The coastguard arrived first on scene about 15 minutes later. I freed the deer and put it in my boat but sadly it was very cold and covered in mud. We were there for about an hour."

The RSPCA, Fire Service, and RNLI were called out.

From everyone at Hampshire Scouts, well done Craig!

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